Exit pinnacle​

When it’s time to sell your company, don’t blow it up!

Who is this for?

● Businesses that are willing to exit in the next 3 to 12 months
● Businesses that have a proven model and revenue wanting to raise capital
● Businesses that want to partially sell the company. (You should be ready to sell a minimum of 25% and ideally above 50%)
● Businesses that want to maximize their chances of finding an ideal buyer through our network of 20+ banking partners and 90,000+ buyers.
● Businesses doing a minimum of $1m in revenue. (Profitability is preferred, but not compulsory)

Who is this not for?

● Pre revenue businesses.
● Businesses that are below $250K in annual profits. (If Profitable)
● Businesses under $1m in revenue.


We have a network of direct buyers as well as banking partners. We have 20+ exclusive banking partners with a buyer network of over 90,000. We are consultants and are independent of the banking firms. This means our best interest is aligned with your success, and would put you in touch with the appropriate partner depending on your company metrics.


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